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Boat Update

Well I thought I might try and shoot another post. It’ll have to be quick because Debbie and I are sitting in our local coffee shop Zoka’s with our laptops and she is already getting fidgety. If you have been following our “Goings On” section from our web page, you’ll know we have a boat and had an accident back on July 4th. Read a previous post here and find out about it. I think the one I copied from our last post on our web page has the info. Anyway, we were able to use it until the shop was ready to work on it. We took her in September 16th knowing it would take awhile. Debbie went by the other day to check on the progress and she is coming along nicely. It will still be another month or so, but we are being patient. We would rather have her done nice then being in a rush and getting a less desirable outcome. This accident, in it’s own twisted way, was the best thing that could have happened to us. Thank God no one was hurt!!! Our boat is 17 years old, but by the time we get it back, it will be almost totally refurbished except for the engines. We will have new gelcoat, carpeting in the salon, new teak woodwork, new headliner, outside lights, inside lamp, a brand new port side window, arch reworked and remounted, new curtain, gunwhale railing, and more. While the repairs are being done, I have bought a new inverter which they will install for us at no charge. Also since the haul out fees have been taken care of by the other party’s insurance, we are having our bottom scraped and repainted!! In essence, we will have an almost brand new boat!!! We will take pictures of our baby when she is done, but you can see the damage photos to compare when we do. I’ll get back with mor updates later, it’s time to head out!


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