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  • February 2008
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Ice Cream?

I guess if you have been reading my blog and have paid the slightest bit of attention, then you might notice my categories all relate to flavors of ice cream. Now maybe my understanding of blog categories are somewhat incorrect and probably won’t get me many additional hits, I thought it a tad whimsical to do it this way. The categories are listed as followed:

General posts usually boring of not much substance. Mainly to fill space and to add posts when I haven’t in awhile. (You’ll probably see many of these).

Chocolate Swirl:
Musings, rambling thoughts just a little above vanilla in substance value.

Posts usually reserved for humor, stories, jokes, light hearted crap.

Cafe Mocha:
Political, sophisticated, thought provoking, more seriousness in these posts. (yeah right)

Rocky Road:
Rants, ravings, posts of anger and frustration and may contain profanity.

Green Tea:
Environmental oriented. Animals, earth related, science, global warming, issues in this genre.

Boating posts and all other recreation, sports, leisure, topics and posts.

So there ya go! this one is definitely vanilla!

Voting For Government Run Health Care

You might want to watch the video below as you decide your voting preference in this upcoming election: 

Canadian Health Care Video

Read up on your candidate of choice and their plans on health care in the US!

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