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What I Listen To

If you look over to the right of our blog, you’ll see a section of what new music we have added to our collection. I have done this since the beginning of our internet presence. Why I do it, I don’t know. It may or may not seem interesting to you our anyone else for that matter. I just thought it may be cool to see our eclectic tastes in music and just might turn you on to something you’ve never heard of. Also on the right, you’ll see the links to our two podcasts that I/we record. Not only do I record my own podcast, but listen to quite a few so I’ve decided to list them here. You may want to check some of them out and some you may find offensive, but we have the choice to listen or not….don’t judge me!!! Here they are:

Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code
Blast The Right
Common Sense With Dan Carlin
Dawn And Drew
Above Top Secret
Distorted View
Dreamland With Whitley Strieber
Eerie Radio
Mysterious Universe
Norm Augustinus
Nobody Likes Onions
Real Time With Bill Maher
Public Radio International: Living on Earth
Podchef’s Gastrocast
The Paracast
Seattle Car Cast
Strange But True
Think Future
World of Boating
World of the Unexplained
Wreckless Media Radio
Yeast Radio

Whew!!! Where do I find the time? Have fun with that!!!!

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