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The Return to Running Odyssey

Yes after over four weeks of sitting on my ever widening and not so tight ass, I finally put on the running shoes and headed out the door. It was not a pretty sight mind you! I had really slacked off and had 1027 excuses not to do it  some of which include: my back hurts, my butt hurts, my head hurts, that hang nail in my little toe is bugging me, my right nut didn’t descend this morning, it is snowing, it is raining, it is Thanksgiving, it is Christmas, I’m sick, I wanna get drunk, I’m hung over from getting drunk, can’t blink my left eye, this TV show is interesting, football is on, lying here on the couch feels sooooo good, I’m hungry, too full, too fat, need to puke….it could go on and on and on. So imagine if you will, a white male approaching middle age with the waistline to match, gasping along like a 50 year old emphysemic coming to an end of an illustrious chain smoking career, lumbering with the grace of an aged elephant with an arthritic hip and turf toe and you’ll imagine me! After four glorious weeks of leisure where a multitude of anatomical muscles were saying “I could get used to this”, I jumped up and hit the pavement. They began screaming “What the f**k is happening here? Hey idiot, back on the couch!” You would think after just being off only a month it would be like jumping back on the bike you fell off of, easy as that! Not so my friends, running…..it’s not for pussies anymore! Maybe I should quit!

As I trudged along I vaguely remembered the days of getting back to a svelte 155 and running along with the speed of a backward gazelle, I was never a fast runner. This run however, carrying around a weight of 1*3 pounds (you really thought I’d admit it, fill in the asterisk yourself smart ass), I think I topped out at a lightening speed of 3.14159 mph. Wait…..isn’t that Pi? Make mine pecan or cherry extra whipped cream! I had to endure the laughter and cackling of passerby’s in their cars and on foot, heckling from other more fit runners, and dodging the patches of ice and snow still lingering on the sidewalks and roadways. More than once did I step on what looked like slush only to find it an icy death patch ready to take me down onto my butt or head. What’s the difference between the two, besides one is up the other anyway so it would be a combined injury upon being reported to the paramedics.

Alas I have returned safely with calves screaming louder than Axl Rose in his GNR days, trembling quads, and hips sorer than your grampie’s on a good day! Now I’m trying to decide whether to collapse into a quivering mound of flesh in the fetal position in a corner sucking my thumb crying like a baby only to be discovered later by my wife screaming “Did I not say quitting is not an option, damn you” or be a man and go on to work!

I went to work! And after the soreness subsides and I recover, I will probably go do it again!

PS This is the kind of crap I think up when I DON’T listen to my MP3 player while running!

PPSS If anyone finds something that looks like an upper lobe of a right pulmonary organ on the sidewalk, put it on ice and let me know. I’ll need that back!!

What It Looked Like Christmas Day

While it does snow here in the Puget Sound Area from time to time, we rarely have a white Christmas! This year not only did we have one heck of a white Christmas, but we’ve had snow for weeks! Record snow fell in Seattle and surrounds the last half of December and it is just now beginning to melt away! These are some images of our home and neighborhood Christmas morning:

Our Big Snow Storm

We are blasted righ now with a big snow storm that will probably mess up our roads for quite awhile, since we are experiencing a very long extended cold snap. I am sitting at the Metro Base wondering why us bus drivers even need to show up when it gets this bad. Buses are stuck everywhere and nobody with any brains are even trying to go anywhere at this point! But here I sit waiting for those that think I should, to go out in a vehicle that is not or ever will be equipped to operate in these type of conditions. Check out the link below to see the story:


Funny Football Video

This is a pretty funny video:

The Global Poverty Act


According to David Bossie, President of the group ‘Citizens United for American Sovereignty’, based out of Merrifield Virginia, website: http://www.citizensunited.org/
The above- mentioned Senate Bill (S. 2433) is a piece of legislation in the works that all Americans need to know about and know now! This bill, sponsored by none other than Sen. Barack Obama, with the backing of Joe Biden on the Foreign Relations Committee, and liberal democrats in Congress, is nothing short of a massive giveaway of American wealth around the world, and a betrayal of the public trust, because, if passed, this bill would give over many aspects of our sovereignty to the United Nations.

The noble sounding name of this bill, ‘The Global Poverty Act’ is actually a Global Tax, payable to the United Nations, that will be required of all American taxpayers. If passed in the Senate, the House has already passed it, this bill would require the U.S. to increase our foreign aid by $65 BILLION per year, or $845 BILLION over the next 13 years! That’s on top of the billions of dollars in foreign aid we already pay out!
In addition to the economic burdens this potential law would place on our precarious economy, the bill, if passed in the Senate, would also endanger our constitutionally protected rights and freedoms by obligating us to meet certain United Nations mandates.

According to Senator Obama, we should establish these United Nations’ goals as benchmarks for U.S. spending. What are they?

The creation of a U.N. International Criminal Court having the power to try and convict American citizens and soldiers without any protection from the U.S. Constitution.

A standing United Nations Army forcing U.S. soldiers to serve under U.N. command.

A Gun Ban on all small arms and light weapons –which would repeal our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

The ratification of the ‘ Kyoto ‘ global warming treaty and numerous other anti-American measures. I don’t believe the Kyoto Treaty is anti American though!

Recently, the Senate Subcommittee on Foreign Relations (where Sen. Joe Biden sits) approved this plan by a voice vote without any discussion! Why all the secrecy? If Senators Obama and Biden are so proud of this legislation, then why don’t they bring it out into the light of day and let the American people have a look at it instead of hiding it behind closed doors and sneaking it through Congress for late night votes.
It may be only a matter of time before this dangerous legislation reaches a floor vote in the full body of the Senate.

Please write or call, email your representatives, the White House, the media, or anyone you think will listen, and express your opinions regarding this Global Tax giveaway and betrayal of the American people at a time when our nation and our people are already heavily burdened with the threats to our freedoms and economic prosperity.

By the way, I did not vote for Obama!

Recovery Mode

That is what has been happening here at the Givens Estate since November 20th! It also could mean hardly working for either of us! Debbie had minor surgery that day, I’ll let her reveal all the details if she wishes to do so. Let me also add, please do NOT start emailing her or calling to find out what it was. There is no health crisis or anything, and I am already getting the heat for even blogging about it! If she wants to tell you about it, she will. If not, leave it be!!!! I took off work that day and the following to take care of her! She was still not up to being alone after the weekend had passed, so I took the Monday and Tuesday off also to nurse her back to health. She remained home the whole week, while I finally returned to work Wednesday and worked the remaining three days including Thanksgiving! Debbie was able to go to Larry and Lynette’s for Thanksgiving via a ride with Alex and Mo! It was her first big outing since her surgery. I enjoyed a plate of leftovers courtesy of Lynette!!! It was yummy!! I was beginning to feel sluggish on Friday and barely made it through my nine and a half hour bus run. The only way was to lie down at the end of each run before beginning the next one! It was pure misery! By Sunday I was full blown sick with what I can only imagine is the flu. I lounged in my recliner all day and drifted in and out between glimpses of whatever NFL game was on. Unfortunately, the Packers weren’t on local TV and I don’t have the NFL Ticket, so I missed their showdown with the Panthers! This week, I am working a 4/10 shift and had Monday off THANK GOD!!!!! I was still feeling poorly enough to bail on working Tuesday too! I will finally return today with much apprehension I will make it through the 10 hour 22 minute shift that awaits me! Soups, applesauce, puddings, jellos and ginger ale are all I have been able to stand! Maybe I will shed a few pounds after all is said and done!!! The upside is I was able to allot of Christmas shopping online and get the annual Christmas Card List ready for mailing! Debbie is back at work, but working longer than I think she should be out of the gate! Try and tell her different, but in one ear and out the other! We still haven’t put up the tree or hung decorations! Maybe next weekend! Now I have to go and face whatever destiny holds for the day!! All I know is that this is the sixth day of nausea, sweats, cramps, neck and head aches! How’s that for fun!!!

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