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  • December 2008
    M T W T F S S

Recovery Mode

That is what has been happening here at the Givens Estate since November 20th! It also could mean hardly working for either of us! Debbie had minor surgery that day, I’ll let her reveal all the details if she wishes to do so. Let me also add, please do NOT start emailing her or calling to find out what it was. There is no health crisis or anything, and I am already getting the heat for even blogging about it! If she wants to tell you about it, she will. If not, leave it be!!!! I took off work that day and the following to take care of her! She was still not up to being alone after the weekend had passed, so I took the Monday and Tuesday off also to nurse her back to health. She remained home the whole week, while I finally returned to work Wednesday and worked the remaining three days including Thanksgiving! Debbie was able to go to Larry and Lynette’s for Thanksgiving via a ride with Alex and Mo! It was her first big outing since her surgery. I enjoyed a plate of leftovers courtesy of Lynette!!! It was yummy!! I was beginning to feel sluggish on Friday and barely made it through my nine and a half hour bus run. The only way was to lie down at the end of each run before beginning the next one! It was pure misery! By Sunday I was full blown sick with what I can only imagine is the flu. I lounged in my recliner all day and drifted in and out between glimpses of whatever NFL game was on. Unfortunately, the Packers weren’t on local TV and I don’t have the NFL Ticket, so I missed their showdown with the Panthers! This week, I am working a 4/10 shift and had Monday off THANK GOD!!!!! I was still feeling poorly enough to bail on working Tuesday too! I will finally return today with much apprehension I will make it through the 10 hour 22 minute shift that awaits me! Soups, applesauce, puddings, jellos and ginger ale are all I have been able to stand! Maybe I will shed a few pounds after all is said and done!!! The upside is I was able to allot of Christmas shopping online and get the annual Christmas Card List ready for mailing! Debbie is back at work, but working longer than I think she should be out of the gate! Try and tell her different, but in one ear and out the other! We still haven’t put up the tree or hung decorations! Maybe next weekend! Now I have to go and face whatever destiny holds for the day!! All I know is that this is the sixth day of nausea, sweats, cramps, neck and head aches! How’s that for fun!!!

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