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The Technology of Social Networking

Up until just recently I did most of my online communicating through email. As a matter of fact, unless any of my friends still lived in caves and were just learning fire, snail mail was almost a forgotten thing. Sure, there a few of my relatives of the older persuasion that have just never gotten the hang of computers and email, so a Christmas card and an occasional phone call just has to suffice. Now with the advent of MySpace and Facebook and the slew of other social networking sites, things are changing even more. Now I do realize that MySpace has been around for awhile and so has Facebook, but I have never been one to immediately jump on the bandwagon of things new and cool! I had a MySpace page awhile back and looked around and searched for friends and the like, but eventually stopped going to it and before long, the damn thing just disappeared from cyberspace! So I remained old school for awhile and then heard of the hot new site called Facebook! In the beginning, I was under the impression that it was a college thing, so what was the purpose of it for someone my age! I never bothered, but eventually got around to MySpace and created another page there. My intent was just to network with other podcasters and a couple of musicians I knew! I set it up and checked it semi regularly and even found a couple of old high school friends there that I hadn’t communicated with in ages! There just didn’t seem to be allot going on at MySpace so I just got bored with it!

So one day while I was killing time, I headed over to Facebook and set up an account and started exploring. What I found amazed me and hooked me for good! I found tons of my neighbors on there having all kinds of interactions. I also found old more old high school friends, podcasters, band sites, and many cool apps! What I do see though is many people my age not using it as much as say the 20-40 year olds. I have many older friends that still use the old school which I call email and say they don’t have the time or inclination to learn or use these social networking sites. All I can say is that they are really missing out! I even got Debbie hooked on Facebook! We communicate with neighbors and friends way more than we did just using email! I have even gotten technical with linking my sites all together, which is not bad for an old fart like me! For instance, when I publish this blog post, I have a feed reader set up at Facebook that pulls in the posts I do here and shows up as notes on Facebook. When I posts status updates for Facebook, I usually use a Twitter Tweet which sends the status update not only to Facebook, but one to my MySpace Page, and also to the Twitter box on my blog! I have another feed reader at Facebook that pulls in my feed at SnoJoRadio.com and posts a note whenever I add another show there! How cool is that? I did allot of bouncing around the country when I was younger and only wish all those friends I made and barely keep in touch with would jump on the bandwagon like I did!

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