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  • July 2009
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New Homeowners


Here are Alex and his wife Mo standing in front of their brand new home they just closed on and moved into! It is an exciting time for the both of them and a very smart move. In this time of recession and trying times economically, it is a great time for new buyers to get into the real estate market and they jumped when they found this buy in Gig Harbor. Not only are they now new young homeowners, but have a very nice location as Gig Harbor is very nice. We cruise there quite frequently on our boat. Not bad for a very young couple just starting out in life. Alex’s job seems to be secure for the foreseeable future but Mo had a temporary bump. She is a first year teacher and got riffed because of the State budget cuts. The Federal stimulus money came through and she was rehired for this coming school year at least for one more year which is great news. Hopefully she will stay on beyond the next year. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for them. At any rate, we figure they bought at the very bottom and this will be a good investment for them. They are paying just slightly more than they were paying for rent and their money is now working for them for the future!

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