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Bracing Myself

You know, I have never liked going to the dentist! I’ll admit, I’m a little fearful of pain involving my teeth and gums. This stems from a childhood incident involving 1960’s dentistry and an old dentist named Dr. Klump that happened to be the one we went to. He was old enough to be my grandfather, but as a children’s dentist, grandfatherly he was not, nor was he gentle. I don’t know why, but he didn’t believe in Novocaine or gas either! Any cavity I had filled was done live without numbing of any sort! I remember vividly one horrific check up when I learned I had four cavities, one in each jaw. I was even more horrified to learn they were going to be filled all at the same time. I begged to have them done in increments like possibly two and two. Whomever made the decision, decided for me to get them all done at the same time. I wouldn’t even have the luxury to favor one side or the other when eating after they were filled. This was going to one hell of a bitch and indeed it was! They were deep, they were live, and it hurt like hell and took forever to finish. This sealed my fear of dentists and dentistry into adolescence permanence!

As an adult, I found a way to avoid my fear by just avoiding going to the dentist. There was a time I waited over 10 years before I even saw one. Hell if nothing hurt, why go! This was easy to do while a single bachelor but not as easy after marrying a woman with two kids that went religiously! “Hey Joe, we all went to the dentist today! Look how white and clean our teeth are. When are you going?” “Hey Joe, Alex did have a cavity but it didn’t hurt. When are you going to man up and go to the dentist?” “Oh Joe, I broke a crown today and went to the dentist and had a new one put on. They had to do some drilling, but it didn’t hurt, so quit being a pussy and go to the dentist!” Blah, blah, blah!!!!

Well I have been back recently. I’ve had a cavity or two filled and even an old filling drilled out and replaced and I must say that there have been quite a few technological advances since the ancient, scary, days of childhood! But of course I don’t let the drill touch anything until I am fully numbed and gassed! Now I am looking at full mouth braces and I am not excited! I have a gap between the lower two front teeth that has widened over the years. I am fine just living with it as it doesn’t bother me one bit! Apparently this feeling isn’t shared with the Debster as she is constantly nagging me to get it fixed. I am inclined to believe she is embarrassed to be seen with this hayseed of a husband who looks like he is missing a front tooth! I have gotten to embrace the whistling sounds of my s’s!! But alas, the years of relentless badgering have finally worn me down and broken me into accepting a mouth filled with wires, foreign metallic bodies, sore lips, and bleeding gums…….sigh! My initial appointment has been done and soon I’ll be a 50 something year old with a mouth full of metal! They say today the 50’s are the new 30’s. Well in my case, the 50’s are today’s teens! More later when I start whining!


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  1. Hey,

    Glad to hear you are considering braces. You are never too old for braces, and there are many people who are choosing to have this kind of treatment beyond their 50s. It’s all about what you want in the end anyway.

    I thought a link to the http://www.cosmeticdentistryguide.co.uk/ may be of assistance if you want to find out some more info about braces, or you could even try asking one of our dentists if you need more specific details.

    Feel free to check it out, and, if at all possible, a link to the site on your blog would be greatly appreciated.

    Orthodontics – http://www.cosmeticdentistryguide.co.uk/orthodontics.html

    Experts – http://www.cosmeticdentistryguide.co.uk/experts.html

    Hope the site proves useful and good luck if you do decide to go ahead.


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