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Strange Coincidence?

As some of you know, I do a music podcast show at www.snojoradio.com. I know I have listeners, but just how many, I haven’t a clue. I have already had one strange incident early on when I just started it and had only a handful of shows up. I was driving the bus on one of the routes that skirt the Microsoft Campus in Redmond. A guy got on wearing a full set of headphones and sat in the seat just to the other side of the aisle from my drivers seat. He was a typical Microsoft geek, of a foreign land, and even had a pocket protector in his shirt pocket. He was holding an extra large rubik’s cube and was listening to music so loud I could hear it even though the headphones fully covered his ears. As I drove along, something sounded familiar about the music blaring from the headphones. Soon I discovered it was one of the songs I had played on one of my shows! I thought this strange since I play very unique and not easy to find music. It is something you will not find on the radio that’s for sure. As I listened to the song come to an end, the next one started playing and it was another song I had played on my show. I almost had a coronary when I realized he was listening to one of my podcasts, number five to be exact. I got his attention and asked him what he was listening to. He seemed annoyed and bothered by my request and just said it was music he had downloaded from the internet. I persisted and asked him what it was and he said it was some podcast he got turned on to by someone in his work group at Microsoft. Just by chance, I had a card in my wallet for my podcast and dug it out and showed it to him and asked him if that was it. He said it was!!! I freaked!!! I then said it was me who did the podcast. He was unimpressed which deflated my balloon a bit! But I was elated to discover that all 45 people in his work group listen to my podcast….among others.

Fast forward to today and 30 some shows later. Recently I was watching an episode of CSI Miami. If you watch the show, they usually play some very cool music during one of their intense lab scenes and one they were playing was one that was on one of my newest shows. As a matter of fact I know the exact track, Drive It Like You Stole It by The Glitch Mob. I thought it was pretty cool and I might add, it was on my show first! Today I went on a run with some of my newest shows loaded up in my MP3 player. One of those shows was the one that had that track on it, as a matter of fact, that track opens the show. As the tracks played one by one, I stumbled on another track that I seemed to have heard on CSI just recently also. I vaguely remember thinking while watching it, that the music sounded familiar but at the time I didn’t put it together! Now I had a revelation that two tracks off the same podcast had recently been played on two different episodes of CSI Miami! Again I will add that my show was out before each of those episodes! When I got back to the house I unsuccessfully tried to find some sort of music credits on CSI Miami. Struck out on Wikipedia, and also IMDB. I even went to the show page on CBS and found zilch! Oh well it might be just a coincidence after all, but I am ecstatic that what I (a 51 year old rocker) am playing on my music podcast seems very, very relevant! If someone from the show is listening to my podcast, I am quite flattered and very proud of what I do!


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