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  • August 2011
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Dogs And Leashes

Just got done walking my boy Cordell. We walk him without a leash. Why, because he is well mannered, tolerant of other dogs and people, shy, and just does better without one. Walked by a neighbors home today. She was pulling into her driveway as we were walking by. Someone in her home opens the door. Her big bushy something of a dog comes charging out of the home barking like crazy. She screams that he is not dog friendly as he tears for Cordell. Cordell just stands there expecting a greeting and then gets an open mouthed attack. Luckily he escaped injury and goes running away with this beast after him and both of us after both of them. He clearly out ran the charging dog and finally she caught up to him and grabbed his collar. Never once did her dog obey any of her commands to stop or heel. She walked back past me without even an apology, just a disgusted glance like it was my fault. Hey bitch, if your dog is that crazy, keep the beast under some kind of control in or out of your house. If Cordell had been tethered to me by a leash, we’d be at the vet by now. After he knew he was safe, he just waited for me to come to him. Your crazy ass dog ever does this again, I will hurt the bastard, YOU HEAR ME!

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