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Cordell Returns To Best Friends

We are very proud of our boy! Let’s start out with this, we are in the middle of a road trip and Cordell is with us and we made a stop in Kanab, UT at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I’ll write on the details of our trip in the next post! Today we took Cordell back to the run where we found him on our last visit back in April 2010 and he stole our hearts. The same caregiver was there and was very generous by letting us bring him and was very happy to see him again! Her dog Ping, was Cordell’s buddy while at Best Friends and was brought in with Cordell, was there and they instantly recognized each other and got very excited. We all went on a walk on the trail that they went down many a time. We could see that Cordell did remember this trail and we got to a point where the trail used to join the road and they blocked it off to continue a different way, Cordell stopped and thought he should go the way the trail used to go. It was amazing! Whoever believes animals have very short memories, need to rethink their attitudes. We put Cordell into one of the side runs while walked other dogs and went to lunch and he was the star of the day as two separate tour groups came through and mentioned how cute he was. One lady even inquired if he was adoptable!!! She was told he was visiting as a graduate of Best Friends!! I am sure he was a bit nervous being back and was wondering if he would be going home again. We learned what a kind little guy he really is when he came out of the run. There is a dog that is unable to walk that lies in the middle of the open area of the run. We were told that all of the dogs there shy away from him because they are scared of the way he tries and scoots around. Cordell went right up to him and gave him a greeting and a lick on his nose!


We also learned more of his past history. He came from a hoarding situation owned and run by Kimi Peck, the daughter in law of actor Gregory Peck. She thinks she is running rescue centers for Chihuahuas, but in reality it is nothing but a hoarding situation. She has had many run ins with animal rights groups and the law. You can read about some of what she has been involved with here! We also think we have found a picture of Cordell with her and a bunch of other dogs in an article about her in People Magazine written in March of 2005. Click here and see what you think! He was brought in by a third party in a U-Haul with 39 other animals. Thank goodness it was not in the middle of summer or they all would have perished. After you see the horrific conditions he went through and then the journey he had to take, it is amazing the little guy is still alive. Well we sure are glad he is and we will give him a great life with us. Now, back to vacation!

5 Responses

  1. What pieces of crap you people are. You have a dog you love because Kimi Peck saved it’s life from certain death and you have the audacity to bad mouth her like the scum you are. I volunteered for Ms. Peck on several occasions and found her dogs always healthy and well fed – despite the fact that she might go without food. But you people don’t know or care about that side of the story. You think because someone has a lot of dogs in sometimes less than perfect conditions suddenly they’re a “hoarder”. I have been on lots of deliveries of dogs to good homes with Ms. Peck and I don’t know of a single “hoarder” who would dare adopt out a dog. Ms. Peck has managed to adopt several thousand with the records to prove it. If she had kept all of the dogs she has saved it would number in the thousands – but you see 200 that weren’t adoptable and Ms. Peck keeps them alive and healthy with the hope that one day they will get a chance to have a home like Cordell got and she does it all with much less financial support than Best Friends gets. But you don’t know that side of the story either. You just like to bad mouth the person who saved your dog for you – you selfish bastards. By the way, Best Friends refused to take 20 of the dogs Kimi had taken to them and left them to be killed in the shelter. Lucky Cordell wasn’t one of those.

    • You are nothing but a liar Tom, or whoever you are! The web is full of negative stories regarding Ms Peck, overwhelmingly negative! How many Counties has she been run out of? How many times has her “rescue centers” been shut down? Best Friends were surprised by a UHaul van showing up unannounced with 36 dogs in the back. They took as many as they could and the 20 they didn’t take, they helped find other shelters to take them. Get your stories straight and you just back the fuck off!

    • Thank you so much for posting the picture of your beautiful rescue Chi, Cordell, and telling everybody his history and his wonderful happy ending. It’s stories like yours that help animal lovers speak out and expose animal hoarders such as Kimi Peck. ‘Tom’ is obviously confused in ‘his’ posting. If ‘Tom’ volunteered for Kimi Peck, then ‘he’ should know how she operates. Or, ‘he’ and ‘Chihuahua Friend’ should understand how many savvy animal hoarders operate. If an animal hoarder is forced to move because they are causing a nuisance and/or breaking laws, it’s not uncommon for them to panic and turn frantically to already struggling rescues to ‘rescue’ them, temporarily. Once they are rid of some of their animals, it’s easier for them to move to their new location and start all over again. This, unfortunately, is and was the case of Kimi Peck, and Ms. Peck’s non-profits have funded her every move and her life. Kimi Peck has been forced to shut down so many of her ‘rescues’ over the years, that she knows if she frantically calls rescues to help her out or shows up unannounced when the rescue tells her they have no room – chances are, they will actually help her. However, there are usually conditions. The conditions are that Ms. Peck stops ‘rescuing’, and Ms. Peck will actually tell them she’s finished. But it’s all untruths. She has no desire to quit and she is known to have, at any given time, hundreds of animals in her ‘care’. Most recently, in 2010, while being evicted from her Tehachapi ‘sanctuary’, she paniced and the HSUS came to her rescue and took about 200 of her over 300 dogs (that Kimi Peck claimed were special needs dogs that only she could care for). After they received the appropriate medical treatment, many were adopted into wonderful homes thanks to the Sacramento SPCA – also, it turned out that many of these dogs weren’t as ‘special needs’ as Ms. Peck claimed they were, they just needed medical treatments that Ms. Peck could not afford to give them. The SPCA made a point to say that this rescue effort put a strain on their resources. During an interview with news media, like a broken record, Ms. Peck said she was thru with rescue. Also in 2010, Kimi Peck was profiled on a show on Animal Planet called ‘Dangerously Devoted’. This show did a great job of portraying Kimi Peck as a woman dangerously devoted to dogs. It’s now 2012 and while many have hoped that Ms.Peck has stopped ‘rescuing’, unfortunately, that’s not the case. She still has websites calling herself a rescue and sanctuary. Chihuahua Rescue’s website portrays Ms. Peck as being one of the best and most caring rescuers out there. It also actively solicits donations from unsuspecting donors and offers to take their unwanted animals. It will just be a matter of time before another rescue group will have to come to Ms. Peck’s rescue, again, so she can continue her life as an animal hoarder.

  2. Dear Mr. Givens,

    Following is the note I sent to Best Friends after reading this link:

    Hello Dora,
    I was sent this link about how Best Friends saved some dogs from hoarder Kimi Peck. As you may recall hoarder Kimi begged you to help take as many dogs as you could. I personally spoke to you about helping her. The dogs were driven to Best Friends by a volunteer where 20 were turned away. Hoarders do NOT beg Best Friends to take their animals and Best Friends knows that Kimi is not a hoarder. Perhaps someone from Best Friends should inform the person who wrote this the truth about how the dogs got there. Link says if they were delivered in the summer they would have all died. I think both Kimi and BF knew how to transport animals. Kimi begged for their help for a very long time. It was Kimi who arraigned for the Humane Society to take dogs. Can’t think of a hoarder doing that.

    Pretty sad that they attack the person who dedicated her life to saving animals, the doggie they love so much is alive because the hoarder saved their dog. Also because he wasn’t one of the 20 that were turned away after driving all that way after being told they would take all the dogs that were safely delivered. I hope that you will address this issue and respond to me. Our attorney would like to review response.

  3. I know full well the truth about Kimi Peck and the story regarding how her dogs arrived at Best Friends. I guess the stories that abound all over the web about her are just totally false……yeah get real. Lets just have a look shall we:

    Kimi Peck and Kim Maggio Steal Puppies > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dywOHnIJm1o

    Plenty of Info here> http://hoardingchihuahuas.com/blog/

    Kimi Peck – animal-abusing hoarder or misguided soul? > http://www.examiner.com/cat-rescue-in-sacramento/kimi-peck-animal-abusing-hoarder-or-misguided-soul#comments

    Accused Animal Hoarder To Have Hundreds Of Animals Removed > http://www.turnto23.com/mountain/24185323/detail.html


    There’s plenty more, so fill in your attorney. Maybe they don’t have all the facts as you don’t seem to either!

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