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It all started in the late ’50’s, as we both entered the harsh, cruel world, separated by thousands of miles. Debbie was born in Cardiff, Wales in the UK. As a small little Welsh girl, she traveled on the last voyage ever made by the luxury liner, The Queen Mary, to the United States. Of all places, she ended up in Wyoming! What a culture shock that must have been to her! She quickly lost her accent so she could better fit in with her little redneck school friends. She eventually came to the northwest and grew up in Tacoma. Here she finished her schooling, got married, had two sons, started her career at the Port of Tacoma where she stills works as the Director of IT Technical Services. I was born in Alamogordo, New Mexico, home of the first test blast of the atomic bomb. Wow, what a legacy my hometown lives with. I moved around a lot when I was a kid living in places like Albuquerque, Seattle, Silver City, Los Alamitos, and Memphis where I graduated from high school. I went back to Southern California and lived there through the ’80’s working in the foodservice industry as a sales rep. I finally made it back to the beautiful Seattle area in 1990 and loved it. I changed careers and now work with King County Metro Transit as a full-time bus driver, yeah that’s right, and it is a much less stressful job! Deb had divorced by then and we met at a Halloween party in 1991, went on our first real date March 6, 1992, and were married exactly a year later! And here we are!!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. You better not SELL my email address or I’ll be pissed. Nice story….

  2. Sounds like a story of a brother i have in the seattle area.I hope you get this message well and in good spirits,may the Givens reunite someday..

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