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  • September 2020
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New Homeowners


Here are Alex and his wife Mo standing in front of their brand new home they just closed on and moved into! It is an exciting time for the both of them and a very smart move. In this time of recession and trying times economically, it is a great time for new buyers to get into the real estate market and they jumped when they found this buy in Gig Harbor. Not only are they now new young homeowners, but have a very nice location as Gig Harbor is very nice. We cruise there quite frequently on our boat. Not bad for a very young couple just starting out in life. Alex’s job seems to be secure for the foreseeable future but Mo had a temporary bump. She is a first year teacher and got riffed because of the State budget cuts. The Federal stimulus money came through and she was rehired for this coming school year at least for one more year which is great news. Hopefully she will stay on beyond the next year. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for them. At any rate, we figure they bought at the very bottom and this will be a good investment for them. They are paying just slightly more than they were paying for rent and their money is now working for them for the future!

Much News – Good and Bad


I guess I’ll start with the bad news first. We finally had to put our last cat Simon to sleep August 27th! He was a real trooper though and lived longer than our vet said he would. He went through two thyroid surgeries and had progressive liver disease, but was a real good guy right to the end. It is very sad not having him around and I still catch myself looking for his little “accidents” when I come home and then realizing I won’t find any! Now we are pet less for the first time since almost the beginning of our marriage, which is over fifteen years. The house is very empty and quiet now without them around. Even so, I think for the time being, we will take a break from having a pet. We will still miss our kitties!! We also said our goodbye’s to our good friends the Hillstrom’s as they left Snoqualmie for San Juan Island. We have known them for many years, enjoying Packer games, dinners, holidays, and many good times. Although we won’t get to see them as often as in the past, they are still close enough to keep in touch and visit. They are definitely living the good life at the Island!!!


Now with better news, Alex and Mo are now hitched!!! They got married August 16th at a beautiful location called The Olsen Mansion. It was a beautiful ceremony and Mo was a gorgeous bride. Many people showed up from all over the place. Cousin Nick came in from Texas, Donna and Chris came from La Center, even our old friends the McEvoy’sdrove in from Roslyn even while they had visitors at their house. The only down side to the day, it was hotter than the surface of Venus that day. We were all dressed to the nines in 90  plus degree heat and it was miserable. But bride and groom made it through and are now beginning their new lives together! They honeymooned in San Diego and are now back with Mo ready to begin her new career as a teacher! I set up a photo album at our Flickr page and you can check it out here. We have been pretty busy and I have been putting some long hours behind the wheel of the bus, so I’ll leave it here and bring more news shortly!

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