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Finapalooza V

Our local watering hole Finaghty’s Pub just wrapped up their fifth Finapalooza and once again, it was a blast! The three night event featured a great line up of fantastic musical talent drawing bands such as Rane Stone, The Fabulous Johnsons, Ben Union, Fox and The Law, and the incredibe Randy Hansen! The headliners were To The Glorious Lonely, a side project of Loaded’s Jeff Rouse and our own hometown rocker, Davey French of Everclear! It was one hell of a show! The owners, Phil and Lisa have done a great job of bringing great musical entertainment to our little burb and putting Snoqualmie on the map.

I got to emcee the second and third nights introducing the acts and providing verbal fill between sets. It was the second year in a row that I have done it and will probably do it every year as long as I am in town and Phil wants me to! Deb took some very good pictures on the third night of Ben Union and To The Glorious Lonely! You can see them here! If you are ever in our neck of the woods this time of year, you should try to attend the annual Finapalooza. Make sure you get your tickets early and I’ll see ya there!

The Fabulous Johnsons doing an awesome Kashmir cover!

Davey French(Everclear) and Paul Sheehan(Motorsled)!

Davey French(Everclear) and Paul Sheehan(Motorsled)!

Jeff Rouse(Loaded) and Davey French(Everclear)

Jeff Rouse(Loaded) and Davey French(Everclear)


Party Time At Finaghty’s

Well this past weekend our local watering hole, Finaghty’s Irish Pub, had a great three day party to celebrate their first anniversary and recent expansion! Deb and I were only able to go to Saturday nights show, but it was the main event, so to say! The place was packed and everyone there had an absolute blast! We were treated to the music from Chicago blues man, Keith Scott, Seattle based rockers, Sugar Farm, and to highlight the night, the rock band Everclear played a fantastic set! I just happened to record a podcast for my Just Joe Podcast Show, so you can go there to listen or click here for the direct link to the file to download! I interviewed Keith Scott, the guys from Love Truckers who played the night before, and also Art Alexakis from Everclear. It is a loud and raw podcast, but I cleaned it up the best I could! We took great photos so check them out here. And check out a great video shot of Art doing an acoustic solo of Brown Eyed Girl here! It was a great event!!!


Just a blurb on my hobby of podcasting, my Snoqualmie Joe podcast continues pretty strongly. I have been posting shows pretty regularly the last month or two. Considering what is regular is anyones opinion. I have two more in the bag right now that will be posted soon. If you listen regularly or occasionally, you’ll know that it is centered on my local area and what is happening here. It is a fun hobby and many people know me from what I do. My latest podcasts have centered on new businesses opening up here in Snoqualmie Ridge. One newest addition to our business community is a music store which opened this Saturday. Hopefully I will be podcasting with them soon, but they had their grand opening Saturday and it was quite festive. Davey French, guitarist for the band Everclear, was in store jamming on guitars and meeting  people. He and his lovely wife and son live up here on the Ridge, and when not on tour, he will be teaching guitar at the store. He is a very personable guy and a very good guitarist!

Now on a more technical note, Podshow sucks. You’ll probably not know what I am talking about from here on in,  but I have to post it in hopes it gets logged by the bots. I am so stretched in my endeavors that I need some ways to stream line ways of getting things done. One of my attempts was to get my Snoqualmie Joe show into Podshow. The way to do it when you already have a show and feed is to use the Podshow Vacuum Feed option. What  this is supposed to do is bring in your feed code and convert it into a Podshow feed. Simple an easy, except I cannot figure out how to insert the feed code into my enclosure url and exactly where to put it. Many attempts to get Podshow tech support to guide me have failed totally. I have even called the Daily Source Code hosted by the Podfather Adam Curry and cannot get any response. He is part of Podshow for Christ sake. So to you Adam Curry and Podshow………. a big FUCK YOU! He’ll know exactly what I mean by that!

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