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GeoEngineering and You

As a child in the 60’s I used to watch the airplanes flying way overhead of the New Mexico desert ski and marvel, as a child would, at the long trail of smoke it would leave behind. There were many days trails would crisscross the sky like a big tic-tac-toe board! As children of the 60’s and 70’s, we all grew up seeing this but did you ever wonder just what the hell it was? There has been a long debate over the US Military/Government using aircraft to spray who knows and why over a broad section of the country and surrounding oceans. The term “chemtrails” was born. Many believe this is all just conspiracy theory bunk not to be addressed. Those same people also do not believe climate is changing and quickly, more quickly than what has been seen in the geological record. I came across the below video presented by GeoEngineering Watch.org. It is a MUST SEE but plan on spending 46 minutes to watch the whole thing. Don’t be like the 99% of uninformed Americans that simply will not be bothered to spend the time. Please share it with your friends and family!  Get more information at their website (I have nothing to do with them, by the way). The video explains a lot of the strange weather we are seeing globally and the human manipulated changes to our climate and it has to end!

Floods and Rains Part II

Well we had weeks of snow and ice and now everything melted in a matter of days. Add to that torrential rains and this is what you get:






Luckily we live up in Snoqualmie Ridge and not down in the Valley where the main flooding is taking place. It is still terrible none the less!

Snoqualmie Falls and Flooding

We have had way too much rain lately which cause flooding in lower Snoqualmie. It is unfortunate for those living in historic Snoqualmie who have to deal with this each time we get these heavy rains. Our home is situated on a ridge way above the Snoqualmie River, hence the name of our development is called Snoqualmie Ridge. We don’t worry about flooding but we do have very intense winds up here. Heavy rains do produce an awesome sight at the Falls. Click the link below to watch a very cool video of the Falls. Watch the power of water and full tree go over the edge. It is very cool!!!




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