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Another Revolution Around The Sun

Did you get the meaning of this posts title? Well if not, it’s my birthday and I am sitting in my local watering hole, Finaghty’s Pub here on Snoqualmie Ridge sucking down a cold one and waiting for the wifey and friends to join me in the completion of my 49th trip around the glowing orb!!! Until now, the day was just like any other day except I took the day off from work and I did that to run some errands and had scheduled appointments that only seemed to fit for this day. First was the doctor for a look over of blood work, no big deal there. Then running down to the uniform store to get some new work duds albeit in larger sizes…….sigh. Then picking up the Mercedes from the shop that decided to start acting up the day before my birthday to the tune of $859. The audacity of that rolling steel bastard!!!! Then I made a trip to my favorite gut buster, the Old Country Buffet for a mega munch lunch (hence the larger uniform sizes). Finally a trip to my foot doctor to try and figure out why my hips, knees, and feet hurt after running. Other than crap for shoes, and advancing age, it could be the extra 25 pound sack of belly that I am bouncing around while attempting to keep it off. It sucks getting middle aged. Oh well, I’ll do my best and sit with my cold beverage next to me and contemplate  a half century of zipping around the sun. Let’s hope there’s quite a few more revolutions left!!!!

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