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Enough Is Enough

So…. when will enough be enough? Here’s a list of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen.

-deodorant is canceled ??

-Systematic racism is to blame for climate change

– Madonna is oppressed by the patriarchy. Btw she’s worth $550 million according to Forbes. (I wish I was oppressed like her)

-Kendal Jenner is (culturally appropriating) because she started her own tequila brand.

-Miley Cyrus is transphobic because she said TITS are prettier than BALLS. (She’s right though) 🤷🏻‍♂️

-student loan debt is white supremacy

-breast milk is now called (Human milk or chest milk) 🤦🏻

-the Coca-Cola company teaches their employees how to be (less white)

-dr. Seuss was canceled by the same people who praised his books just a few short years ago (It wasn’t racist then but it is now)

– actress Gina Carano was canceled from the show Mandalorian for having different views and opinions than Disney.

-calling someone an animal is an insult to animals

-yoga is now white supremacy

-The Mediterranean diet is now racist

-the word Women is now (WomXn ) according to twitch

-we can no longer call our female colleagues smart or brilliant at their job because it’s sexist-standardized testing is systematic racism

-air conditioning is sexist 🤦🏻

-Reparations for slavery could have reduced the transmission of covid-19 according to Harvard university

-gender reveal parties are transphobic

-trans people exist according to Oreo cookie (thanks captain obvious) we are aware 🤦🏻

-neck ties are a (symbolic Noose) and racist

-being concerned for a child’s mental health or suicide risk is white privilege according to a Washington state teachers union president🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

Everything is racist these days. The word racism has lost all meaning and credibility. Instead, they change the dictionary to reflect their (opinions) on what racism means to them. It’s lost it’s Potency and Effectiveness. It was a word that was used to describe real human atrocities and injustices. Now it’s used to describe anything someone gets offended by or doesn’t like. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. If You say it enough times for the wrong reasons people will just ignore it. When something truly racist happens people will ignore it. To me, The Great Reset is a gargantuan asteroid hits Earth and takes us all out. Real Facts don’t care about your feelings. OUR COUNTRY NEEDS A SENSE OF COMMUNITY AGAIN, not more, division over silly opinions.


Some People Just Remain Morons

Today was trash day in the neighborhood. Now that is just Deb and I, we usually can get by just putting it out every other week, hence ours was still in the garage. It was a calm morning in the “hood”, no wind to speak off and yet upon leaving for work, I drive off to find packing peanuts all over the place! It never ceases to amaze me the lack of common sense some people continue to live with. First off, we live in a very windy area especially in the winter but that cannot be considered an excuse for today’s littering! Stupidity, laziness, or just plain ignorance can! I am almost positive I know who the offender is as I have dealt with their trash and recycling all over the street ever since they moved in, but cannot absolutely prove it this time but I shall rant once more probably in vain! Is it really that hard to figure out how NOT to have your trash littering the neighborhood on hellish windstorms as they usually come on trash day or the night before?! Most in the neighborhood have finally figured that one out by now! Now why can’t one figure out why packing peanuts end up all over the place when placed loosely in the bin? Gee does it make sense that they wouldn’t? Do you think the trash guy has time to carefully place your lighter than air foam peanuts into his trash truck without spilling them all over the place? Does he have the time to pick them up when he does? I think not! Hey MORONS, whever you are, do all of your neighbors a favor and try using your heads! Bag your foam packing nuts tightly before tossing them into the garbage bin! Better yet, take them up to the local UPS Store where they will be used again! Now get out there and clean up your mess! Can you tell I am not in the greatest of moods?

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