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Three Mistakes

We all make mistakes in life, some more than others, some really big ones, and allot of little ones that add up over the years. Today I made three:

1) Decided to go running in the pouring rain. I could have gone to the gym at the TPC Club but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I had to do it outside!

2) Decided to run on the trails! I could have stayed on the pavement but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I had to run the trails and dodge mud and puddles the whole damn time. Made for a slogging run to say the least!

3) Didn’t wear nipple protectors! How many times do I have to experience the pain of not doing this before I learn better. Had to cut the run short while holding the rain soaked shirt away from my chest!

What did these three mistakes I made today show for myself? That I am a 50 plus moronic male trying desperately to stay in shape and thus far failing miserably with raw and bleeding nipples! And how was your day today???


Floods and Rains Part II

Well we had weeks of snow and ice and now everything melted in a matter of days. Add to that torrential rains and this is what you get:






Luckily we live up in Snoqualmie Ridge and not down in the Valley where the main flooding is taking place. It is still terrible none the less!

Snoqualmie Falls and Flooding

We have had way too much rain lately which cause flooding in lower Snoqualmie. It is unfortunate for those living in historic Snoqualmie who have to deal with this each time we get these heavy rains. Our home is situated on a ridge way above the Snoqualmie River, hence the name of our development is called Snoqualmie Ridge. We don’t worry about flooding but we do have very intense winds up here. Heavy rains do produce an awesome sight at the Falls. Click the link below to watch a very cool video of the Falls. Watch the power of water and full tree go over the edge. It is very cool!!!




The Heat Is On

I mean that literally as I sit here at home nursing yet another cold, the second of the year! As I look out the window whilst taking care of some things since I won’t be going to work today, it is rainy, gray, and quite cool for this time of year! The calendar shows June 6, but the temperature feels like early Spring and our furnace is still running when it should have been turned off for the season. As a matter of fact, there will be more snow coming down in the mountains today and tomorrow which is very weird. Our temps have been running about 10 – 15 degrees below normal for weeks. Now I don’t seem to sound like I am bitching about it because quite frankly I like the cool weather, but my fellow Washingtonians (including my wife and some friends) are getting pretty sick of the gloom! When we do get our heat wave(s), if we do this year, they’ll be first at the gripe box about how hot it is and why haven’t we bought that air conditioner yet!! Does this mean global warming doesn’t exist or is taking some time off? I don’t think so! This is just a temporary weather glitch we are experiencing and these glitches will happen more frequently as the atmosphere continues to warm. Everywhere else seems to be under the heat lamp much earlier this year. I’ll enjoy this wonderful weather while I can so excuse me for now, I have to blow my noise and cough up some phlegm!

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