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Goodbye Little Man


Our hearts are heavy and filled with sadness as we had to send our little sweet boy over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. His mind and body had finally had enough and what was once our Cordell was nothing but a shell of a dog. We had almost 10 years of joy from this lima bean and are so grateful he chose us as his people that day at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary! We wished that he could have lived forever, but knew that wasn’t a possibility. It was just by chance that he was able to spend one of his last days with all of his family and see his best friend Wemberley just on Saturday. He got dirty exploring and got lots of lovies from his aunts and uncles! The hole in our hearts that his passing has left will never be completely filled and we will miss him sooooo much! Have fun chasing rainbows and running in the fields until we see you again. We will always love you and will never forget you! Hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad.


It Was Bound To Happen

We are back at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah for our annual volunteer week with the animals. As usual, we are having a wonderful time. It is so wonderful and satisfying working with all these wonderful creatures! It is a lot of hard work, but you know it is much appreciated by staff and the animals themselves! This trip we did things differently. Instead of flying to Las Vegas and driving from there, we flew to Salt Lake City, then to St George where we rented the car and drove. It was much better doing it that way! I must admit, getting on a small propeller plane to go to St George was a little scary and then landing on a freaking plateau in St George wasn’t pleasant either!!! But the short drive to Kanab made up for the harrowing experience! Before we started our stint we had a day to go visit Zion National Monument and took a long hike which was very challenging and somewhat scary at times. It was the Angels Landing hike and took us up on some very high and narrow spots! Debbie did pretty good even though she is scared of heights. We decided that trying to reach Scouts Lookout was too much and continued on the West Rim Trail! It was a beautiful hike and we were both wiped at the end! Now on to the sanctuary!

This was our third trip to the sanctuary and as usual we always work with dogs, cats, pigs, and horses. This time we also worked in the Parrot Garden with all the birds. It was loud as expected, but we learned just how intelligent they are. The average cockatoo has the intelligence of a 3 -4 human child. It is also very sad to see them in cages as that is where they should not be! Please never buy a bird from a pet store because you are just exasperating the problem of bird mills, yes they exist. If you must have a bird as a pet, get them from a rescue and realize they can live for decades!! We also learned that one of my favorite piggies, Raisin, who fell in love with me on the last trip, is getting adopted and will be leaving the sanctuary for her forever home! We are happy for her, but at the same time sad we will not see her when we return. Here is another adoption story, ours. We have always come here with the idea that taking home any animal is not in the cards. A year and a half has past since Simon, our last kitty passed over the Rainbow Bridge and we have been pet less ever since. I kept that idea in mind, yet Debbie fell in love with a little cutey named Cordell. He is a Chihuahua mix and is the sweetest little dog we have ever met! Also, while we were working with cats, a little gray princess named Patience fell in love with me. She more or less decided we were going to give her a home, so did Cordell! So as of today we have adopted both of them and they will be joining us in our home in Snoqualmie. Cordell will be flying home with us Sunday and Patience will fly in later the next week. We will soon be pet parents once again. Oh God what have we done!!! We have one more day of volunteering, then doing the logistics of adoption paperwork and transport details. There are pictures up here of the trip and videos are up at our YouTube Page. In the mean time meet the newest members of our family:

Meet Cordell

Meet Cordell

Meet Patience

Meet Patience

Talking To Animals

Well Deb and I just had an interesting weekend where we hosted an animal communication workshop at our home. Twelve people came over and joined animal communicator Mary Getten for a two day get together learning how to communicate with animals. We provided snacks, beverages, and space (not lodging) for the event. Mary is the brand new wife of one of Deb’s coworkers, that’s how we got involved. As a matter of fact, we attended their wedding just the weekend before and it was one of the funnest weddings I have been to.  It was held at Camp Moran State Park on Orcas Island and was a spiritual ceremony where we chanted songs and signed Tibetan prayer flags instead of a guest book. Very non traditional and interesting. Back to the workshop!

The first day of the workshop, we got to know one another and learned to clear our minds through meditation and silence. We also did an imagination exercise where we became an animal and lived in it’s mind and body and spirit. We also learned to help your chances of successful animal communication, you needed to relax, clear and open your mind to it, and remove the doubts that it can work. That will be my biggest problem. Not only can one learn to talk to animals living in and around you, but you can also learn to communicate with those miles away and with those whom have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. I am usually skeptical about things such as this, but tried to keep an open mind about it, and then had an experience which I wasn’t expecting. Right in the middle of these learning sessions I began to feel a great sad and unhappy feeling. It overwhelmed me as it was so unexpected. I then realized it was Simon, our recently passed kitty. He was letting me know that he was very unhappy, sad, and pissed off and was not where he was supposed to be. He was in a wrong place. I had to stop the session, because I had to relate to everyone what was happening. Deb was surprised at me and we tried to figure out what was meant by this communication. Later after everyone had left as we were tidying up, Deb all of sudden figured it out. It was a month to the day since he passed and we still hadn’t picked up his ashes from the vet. I had actually forgotten about the poor boy! We have since rectified that and he is now home with his brother and sister.

The second day, we learned more communicating and soft focusing techniques. A few of the others had brought their pets, so we had two and then three big dogs roaming the house and they also brought pictures of other pets live and passed. We learned how to try and talk with all of these creatures. Deb actually communicated with a horse miles away and I did the same. It was fascinating! One of the attendees had a chat with Muffin our second cat to go over the Rainbow Bridge. He wants to be taken out of the “living space” whatever that means. We are going to have to practice and try to talk to him again. That’s the key to this animal communication is to practice, practice, practice. So far I haven’t been diligent, but need to start because in a few weeks Deb and I are headed to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for a volunteer vacation. I would love to communicate with some of the animals there if I can get better at it (if that’s even a possibility)!

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