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What A Summer So Far

While the rest of the country bakes in intense heat, we here in the Seattle area have yet to see a real summer. We have just barely hit 80 and have only flirted with the upper 70’s. You wouldn’t believe all the crying and whining about it! Me, I just sit back grinning from ear to ear because I love it and cannot stand hot weather anymore. I grew up in the heat and lived in it for much of the first part of my life and have had enough. I would not care if I ever saw an 80 degree day for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, it is driving Debbie and many others up here crazy, and I have to listen to it! I could just imagine the whining and whimpering if we were experiencing 120 degree heat indexes like a lot of the Midwest. You can have it! I just hope August doesn’t prove to be a scorcher. I am crossing my fingers!

Summer part two – now I try to stay healthy, maybe not hard enough. I have a few extra pounds hanging around me that I just can’t shake, but it is my own fault. I have sweet cravings these days that kick me in the gut. I love Schwan’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream, and put a doughnut in front of me and I will inhale that unhealthy bastard before you can blink. Debbie can ignore all the unhealthy food products these days and is great health, in fact just lost around 70 pounds and has kept it off and looks and feels great! To try to offset my vices I try to stay active. We hike, ride bikes, walk Cordell around the neighborhood, and I run (well jog). I am not a fast runner, or a running fiend, just kind of like it and it helps to keep some of the baggage under control. Back in June I was out on one of my runs and my foot caught a unlevel sidewalk slab and I went down hard!! I road rashed my left knee and elbow, my face slammed in my left forearm and put a nasty bruise on it, and I bruised my left kidney and ribs and abdominal wall. I haven’t run or been the same since! There have been visits to the walk in clinic, hospital, doctors, and again recently to the ER at Swedish when my muscles in the left side of my abdomen went into spasms. Debbie and I spent a whole Saturday afternoon and evening sitting in an ER room! I would say that ruined our weekend. At this point there is really no treatment except to just let it heal, so I am impatiently trying to do just that! No running, lifting, pulling, pushing, sit ups, etc. I guess Debbie has to do everything 😉

With all this going on, we still managed to take the truck and trailer and go on a week-long camping trip. We met some of our great camping buddies down in Oregon just outside Sisters and did some camping out in the middle of the woods. We took Debbie’s gun and with Rob and Rich’s collection, we had an arsenal with which we did some target practice. Debbie and I love the Sisters/Bend area and may retire there! We parted from our friends and solo’d up to Toppenish and Leavenworth to finish out our trip. Did a lot of wine tasting and buying and found a great RV resort in Leavenworth which we will return many more times. Cordell was with us on our trip and he just loves going camping and loves being in the trailer. The truck did it’s job wonderfully.   Our next excursion is back down to Best Friends in Utah and we are toying with the idea of just driving down there with the trailer. We’ll see what happens! Look at our camping pictures at our photo page and now it is time to go back to work…..yuk!


Three Mistakes

We all make mistakes in life, some more than others, some really big ones, and allot of little ones that add up over the years. Today I made three:

1) Decided to go running in the pouring rain. I could have gone to the gym at the TPC Club but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I had to do it outside!

2) Decided to run on the trails! I could have stayed on the pavement but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I had to run the trails and dodge mud and puddles the whole damn time. Made for a slogging run to say the least!

3) Didn’t wear nipple protectors! How many times do I have to experience the pain of not doing this before I learn better. Had to cut the run short while holding the rain soaked shirt away from my chest!

What did these three mistakes I made today show for myself? That I am a 50 plus moronic male trying desperately to stay in shape and thus far failing miserably with raw and bleeding nipples! And how was your day today???

The Return to Running Odyssey

Yes after over four weeks of sitting on my ever widening and not so tight ass, I finally put on the running shoes and headed out the door. It was not a pretty sight mind you! I had really slacked off and had 1027 excuses not to do it  some of which include: my back hurts, my butt hurts, my head hurts, that hang nail in my little toe is bugging me, my right nut didn’t descend this morning, it is snowing, it is raining, it is Thanksgiving, it is Christmas, I’m sick, I wanna get drunk, I’m hung over from getting drunk, can’t blink my left eye, this TV show is interesting, football is on, lying here on the couch feels sooooo good, I’m hungry, too full, too fat, need to puke….it could go on and on and on. So imagine if you will, a white male approaching middle age with the waistline to match, gasping along like a 50 year old emphysemic coming to an end of an illustrious chain smoking career, lumbering with the grace of an aged elephant with an arthritic hip and turf toe and you’ll imagine me! After four glorious weeks of leisure where a multitude of anatomical muscles were saying “I could get used to this”, I jumped up and hit the pavement. They began screaming “What the f**k is happening here? Hey idiot, back on the couch!” You would think after just being off only a month it would be like jumping back on the bike you fell off of, easy as that! Not so my friends, running…..it’s not for pussies anymore! Maybe I should quit!

As I trudged along I vaguely remembered the days of getting back to a svelte 155 and running along with the speed of a backward gazelle, I was never a fast runner. This run however, carrying around a weight of 1*3 pounds (you really thought I’d admit it, fill in the asterisk yourself smart ass), I think I topped out at a lightening speed of 3.14159 mph. Wait…..isn’t that Pi? Make mine pecan or cherry extra whipped cream! I had to endure the laughter and cackling of passerby’s in their cars and on foot, heckling from other more fit runners, and dodging the patches of ice and snow still lingering on the sidewalks and roadways. More than once did I step on what looked like slush only to find it an icy death patch ready to take me down onto my butt or head. What’s the difference between the two, besides one is up the other anyway so it would be a combined injury upon being reported to the paramedics.

Alas I have returned safely with calves screaming louder than Axl Rose in his GNR days, trembling quads, and hips sorer than your grampie’s on a good day! Now I’m trying to decide whether to collapse into a quivering mound of flesh in the fetal position in a corner sucking my thumb crying like a baby only to be discovered later by my wife screaming “Did I not say quitting is not an option, damn you” or be a man and go on to work!

I went to work! And after the soreness subsides and I recover, I will probably go do it again!

PS This is the kind of crap I think up when I DON’T listen to my MP3 player while running!

PPSS If anyone finds something that looks like an upper lobe of a right pulmonary organ on the sidewalk, put it on ice and let me know. I’ll need that back!!

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