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Payette Lake

Yes, here we are again, the third trip to McCall in the last two years. Once again we stayed at the Shore Lodge in a gorgeous lake side suite just like last time. Also like last year, it was during the week of New Years and we did much of the same stuff we did last time. We were able to ski this time which we did two days in a row at Brundage Mountain! We also spent more time at the Old Idaho Penitentiary Rather than bore you with the details of another similar trip, you can refer here to last year’s trip and links, and I will list some highlights and provide more of a pictorial version on this one!

  • We were delayed getting to Boise by around three hours, thanks Delta Airlines.
  • Our rental car broke down and we had to fight with Alamo Rent A Car to get a replacement. We waited until 2am for the new one to arrive.
  • Debbie’s boots were “taken” from the ski resort changing room and never “returned”. Had to spend $200 for a pair of new ones.
  • This time we didn’t go snowshoeing, but instead ski’d two days in a row.
  • One of those days was New Year’s Eve and I was so beat neither of us saw the new decade ring in!
  • Unlike last year, this time we were able to book a massage and spa day at The Cove in the hotel!
  • And yes, we booked a room for next year!!


Anniversary At Alderbrook Resort

Another year has passed and it seems I was just writing about our 15th anniversary trip to Tamarack in Idaho! Well here we are again in anniversary number 16! It is hard to believe this last year has gone by so fast! This year it was Debbie’s turn to plan the trip. You might or might now by now how we work our anniversaries, but I’ll explain again. Every year we take turns on handling the anniversary extravaganza! One plans the surprise trip, usually locally for a long weekend type of thing, and the other buys the gift! Both, of course, are surprises to the other! Now last year was kind of a milestone, being year 15 and all, so the trip was planned together! This year it was Debbie’s turn for the trip and she planned a get away to the Alderbrook Resort and Spa on the shores of Hood Canal. It was beautiful and neither of us had ever been there even though it was only a two hour drive from Snoqualmie! Here is a little history about the resort.

It’s 1913. The Alderbrook is open for business. Even then it’s a resort destination, unique to the Pacific Northwest. No roads exist so visitors arrive by boat. 12 years later, the business is sold to Clara Eastwood and Eloise Flagg, known affectionately as the “Alderbrook Girls”. The accommodations? Think tent frames with orange and black striped canvas sides. Wood stoves. A place where guests put their butter and milk into the creek to keep them cold.

After World War II, the Alderbrook Girls sold the resort to the Schafer Logging and Lumber Company. 21 new cottages were built. For the next fifty plus years, Alderbrook changed hands a few times, including a brief stint as a Christian conference center. In 2001 it was bought by North Forty Lodging.

The Alderbrook Girls would be amazed by the resort today. Virtually everything on site has been redesigned and rebuilt. The cottages and lodge have been remodeled. Beautifully re-furbished, the indoor canal-front swimming pool and whirlpool provide visitors with endless enjoyment. Gorgeous landscaping design includes a revitalized stream for salmon habitat, with resting pools that run throughout the property.

Luxury aside, Alderbrook Resort & Spa continues to personify the Northwest. The smell of cedar lingers in the air while eagles soar overhead. Sitting on the shore, you can easily imagine someone pulling a milk bottle from the water, and almost savor the long sweet taste of ice-cold milk on a summer afternoon.

Now Alderbrook is known for it’s spa treatments, golf course, and luxurious pampering!! We had a wonderful time. We thought about hitting some balls up at the golf course, but the weather wasn’t cooperating most of the time. Even though it is early March right now, it is very cold, and is snowing outside here in Snoqualmie as I write this post! We did manage a hike at Twanoh State Park right up the road, and swam in the indoor pool, so we did manage some excercise while we were there! The only foopah in the whole trip was having to drive to Shelton to the “Evil Empire” (Wal Mart) to get Debbie a bathing suit because she forgot to pack one! Arrrrrggggghhhhhh! I hate Wal Mart!!!!!

We also enjoyed a nice hot stone massage at the spa and it was awesome. I had never had an actual professional spa massage before. Almost fifty years old too! It was a great time and now we plug along to year seventeen and it will be my turn! Visit our picture page to check out a few shots we did take.

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