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Holiday Recap

Before it gets too stale, well it may already be stale, let me post a recap of our Holiday season. I thoroughly enjoyed the holidays because we hosted nothing!!!! It was kind of nice for a change and less work! For Thanksgiving, we were invited up to our friends Larry & Lynette for the turkey feast. It was wonderful as Lynette is a great cook. The only other family member that was there was Ryan. Mo and Alex went to her parents for Thanksgiving. This is what happens when the kids get married off. Time has to be shared with the in-laws!  Then came Christmas and again it seemed to come way too fast! Alex and Mo hosted their first Christmas in their new house in Gig Harbor. Larry, Lynette, Mariam (Lynette’s Mom), Ryan, Mo’s parents and brother and sister joined in the festivities. We had a fantastic dinner and opened gifts! By the end of the evening, Alex knew what it was like to host a family gathering….. allot of work! This year, our gift giving was toned down a bit! We exchanged small gifts between ourselves because we got big gifts earlier on! I had California Closets installed in her closet in our bedroom! That was her big gift! We also had bought a 52″ TV for our downstairs family room and called that a gift to ourselves. Between the two, that was plenty! Since Gig Harbor is quite a drive from our home in Snoqualmie, we had reserved a room in a nearby hotel for the night! It was convenient also because the following day we met up with Deb’s sisters and their better halves for brunch at the Hob Nob Restaurant in Tacoma! This is an old Tacoma establishment and looks to be an annual thing for Deb and her sisters to do at Christmas time! New Year’s Eve was fun especially since I got the day off unexpectedly!!! We went to a bash at the Queen City Yacht Club where Larry & Lynette are members! We also stayed at a hotel in the  University District so we wouldn’t be on the road afterward!! It was a fun time and we hung out with some boating people we had met on one of our voyages! So that was the holiday recap!! Look to the right under our Flickr photos for links to the pictures!!

The new year will be an exciting one and hopefully without the disasters that befell us in 2009! We have some awesome vacations planned for this coming year! We plan on returning to Best Friends Animal Society for our third visit in April!! We are looking forward to seeing our animal and human friends again there! In September we have booked a two week cruise to Alaska and I am busting with anticipation for this one!!! I can hardly wait! We have also possibly planned to rent a boat in July and cruising with Larry & Lynette up to Canada, but that one is still tentative! I am a little anxious about getting on a boat of that size again and cruising around on it, but I will have to get over the hump and just do it!!! Well, that’s it for now will be back soon!


Thanksgiving Blues

So how was your Turkey Day? Did you loosen your pants after the big feast? Undo a button or two on your shirts/blouses? Enjoy the football games and yeah the Packers are 10 -1!!!!! My day was just another day. Debbie took off to La Center, WA to visit the sisters and I stayed home with my buddy Simon. Actually I had to work, over 10 hours at that, and at night! Do you have any idea who is riding the buses on Thanksgiving night? Well let’s see……… quite a few kids (mostly Asian), a few Hispanic gentlemen coming home from the few places of employment that were open, many East Indians who probably have no idea what Thanksgiving really is, and a whole lot of just dregs and losers. One such female loser freaked out after watching her bus to Renton pull away as we pulled into the Bellevue Transit Center. She was pissed and rightly so, but yelled that if this bus was on time then she would have caught hers. I casually shot back that I was actually early! Stupid bitch! If she had asked me to call ahead and hold the bus, I would have. After driving public transit for almost 10 years, I am so tired of dealing with stupid people with no common sense. I have figured out that around 70.7 % of humanity walk around with their head firmly inserted up their assholes. How do they survive in this complicated world? The answer, government public assistance and our tax dollars that’s how! Yes, I am a public servant and I am paid by tax dollars, but the ignorance I see out there is sickening. Please keep your bleeding heart liberal comments to yourself, because I am not interested in hearing it!

Anyway, my Thanksgiving dinner consisted of a Marie Callendar’s turkey TV dinner. Feeling sorry for me? Not expecting you too, but I hope you enjoyed yours! I am thankful though for my lovely wife and the life we have together. Can’t get any better than this…….well unless we could not have to work. Now I have to go do just that!!!

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