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GeoEngineering and You

As a child in the 60’s I used to watch the airplanes flying way overhead of the New Mexico desert ski and marvel, as a child would, at the long trail of smoke it would leave behind. There were many days trails would crisscross the sky like a big tic-tac-toe board! As children of the 60’s and 70’s, we all grew up seeing this but did you ever wonder just what the hell it was? There has been a long debate over the US Military/Government using aircraft to spray who knows and why over a broad section of the country and surrounding oceans. The term “chemtrails” was born. Many believe this is all just conspiracy theory bunk not to be addressed. Those same people also do not believe climate is changing and quickly, more quickly than what has been seen in the geological record. I came across the below video presented by GeoEngineering Watch.org. It is a MUST SEE but plan on spending 46 minutes to watch the whole thing. Don’t be like the 99% of uninformed Americans that simply will not be bothered to spend the time. Please share it with your friends and family!  Get more information at their website (I have nothing to do with them, by the way). The video explains a lot of the strange weather we are seeing globally and the human manipulated changes to our climate and it has to end!


What A Summer So Far

While the rest of the country bakes in intense heat, we here in the Seattle area have yet to see a real summer. We have just barely hit 80 and have only flirted with the upper 70’s. You wouldn’t believe all the crying and whining about it! Me, I just sit back grinning from ear to ear because I love it and cannot stand hot weather anymore. I grew up in the heat and lived in it for much of the first part of my life and have had enough. I would not care if I ever saw an 80 degree day for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, it is driving Debbie and many others up here crazy, and I have to listen to it! I could just imagine the whining and whimpering if we were experiencing 120 degree heat indexes like a lot of the Midwest. You can have it! I just hope August doesn’t prove to be a scorcher. I am crossing my fingers!

Summer part two – now I try to stay healthy, maybe not hard enough. I have a few extra pounds hanging around me that I just can’t shake, but it is my own fault. I have sweet cravings these days that kick me in the gut. I love Schwan’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream, and put a doughnut in front of me and I will inhale that unhealthy bastard before you can blink. Debbie can ignore all the unhealthy food products these days and is great health, in fact just lost around 70 pounds and has kept it off and looks and feels great! To try to offset my vices I try to stay active. We hike, ride bikes, walk Cordell around the neighborhood, and I run (well jog). I am not a fast runner, or a running fiend, just kind of like it and it helps to keep some of the baggage under control. Back in June I was out on one of my runs and my foot caught a unlevel sidewalk slab and I went down hard!! I road rashed my left knee and elbow, my face slammed in my left forearm and put a nasty bruise on it, and I bruised my left kidney and ribs and abdominal wall. I haven’t run or been the same since! There have been visits to the walk in clinic, hospital, doctors, and again recently to the ER at Swedish when my muscles in the left side of my abdomen went into spasms. Debbie and I spent a whole Saturday afternoon and evening sitting in an ER room! I would say that ruined our weekend. At this point there is really no treatment except to just let it heal, so I am impatiently trying to do just that! No running, lifting, pulling, pushing, sit ups, etc. I guess Debbie has to do everything 😉

With all this going on, we still managed to take the truck and trailer and go on a week-long camping trip. We met some of our great camping buddies down in Oregon just outside Sisters and did some camping out in the middle of the woods. We took Debbie’s gun and with Rob and Rich’s collection, we had an arsenal with which we did some target practice. Debbie and I love the Sisters/Bend area and may retire there! We parted from our friends and solo’d up to Toppenish and Leavenworth to finish out our trip. Did a lot of wine tasting and buying and found a great RV resort in Leavenworth which we will return many more times. Cordell was with us on our trip and he just loves going camping and loves being in the trailer. The truck did it’s job wonderfully.   Our next excursion is back down to Best Friends in Utah and we are toying with the idea of just driving down there with the trailer. We’ll see what happens! Look at our camping pictures at our photo page and now it is time to go back to work…..yuk!

Our Searing Heat Wave

Wow it is hot and it sucks big ass! The Seattle area has been in the grip of a unprecedented heat wave. During an average summer, we might hit the 90’s a couple of times and when we have a string of them, they usually only last a couple of days. Some past record strings of 90’s have lasted 5 days. In 2005, we never even hit 90 the whole summer. Seattle is not know for very hot weather and I prefer it that way myself. Twice since official weather records began 118 years ago did Seattle hit 100, once in 1941 and again in 1994. Well that has been shattered as of late. Yesterday Seattle broke an all time high reading of 103 degrees. Out east where we live it hit 108 in Snoqualmie and 113 in North Bend. We have broken two overnight lows where we didn’t go below 70. That is just ridiculous heat!! Not only has it been hot, but it has also been incredibly humid which makes it even worse! This heat wave will last well over a week before finally breaking loose and hopefully bringing temperatures back down to a more livable range.

Now most of us Seattlites are not used to this kind of heat and do more than our fair share of whining about it, yours truly included in the whining process. Actually I add bitching, moaning, groaning, yelling, crying, sobbing…..well you get the picture. We also have reason to whine about excessive heat because most of us live in homes that do not have the luxury of air conditioning. Most of the year it is not needed. As a matter of fact, most of the transit buses, including the ones I drive, do not have air conditioning either. I was driving yesterday with an interior temperature of 110. This makes getting any sort of relief from the heat almost impossible. Debbie and I ended up going to a hotel where I sit in wonderful cool posting this! Now what really annoys me are the folks living in scorching climates telling us we don’t know what hot is until we live where they do. I recently saw a post somewhere of a guy who lived in Phoenix listing the last 20 or so days of the highs there. All where in the triple digits and mostly above 110. He quipped at the end that the overnight low was 92 so we should just enjoy our weather and mug up! I wonder if he lives through that heat without air conditioning. I doubt it. I am sure he posted his spew sitting in an air conditioned office, then he drives home in an air conditioned car and lives in a wonderfully cooled home. Let’s see how he man’s up if he turns it all off, opens a window, and sits around fans blowing all his hot air around him! Wonder how long he would last! Well that’s how most of us Western Washingtonians do it!! Who are the real pussies out there? I guess the ones who are sitting in an air conditioned room blogging about it! Heh heh heh!!

The Heat Is On

I mean that literally as I sit here at home nursing yet another cold, the second of the year! As I look out the window whilst taking care of some things since I won’t be going to work today, it is rainy, gray, and quite cool for this time of year! The calendar shows June 6, but the temperature feels like early Spring and our furnace is still running when it should have been turned off for the season. As a matter of fact, there will be more snow coming down in the mountains today and tomorrow which is very weird. Our temps have been running about 10 – 15 degrees below normal for weeks. Now I don’t seem to sound like I am bitching about it because quite frankly I like the cool weather, but my fellow Washingtonians (including my wife and some friends) are getting pretty sick of the gloom! When we do get our heat wave(s), if we do this year, they’ll be first at the gripe box about how hot it is and why haven’t we bought that air conditioner yet!! Does this mean global warming doesn’t exist or is taking some time off? I don’t think so! This is just a temporary weather glitch we are experiencing and these glitches will happen more frequently as the atmosphere continues to warm. Everywhere else seems to be under the heat lamp much earlier this year. I’ll enjoy this wonderful weather while I can so excuse me for now, I have to blow my noise and cough up some phlegm!

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