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Our Searing Heat Wave

Wow it is hot and it sucks big ass! The Seattle area has been in the grip of a unprecedented heat wave. During an average summer, we might hit the 90’s a couple of times and when we have a string of them, they usually only last a couple of days. Some past record strings of 90’s have lasted 5 days. In 2005, we never even hit 90 the whole summer. Seattle is not know for very hot weather and I prefer it that way myself. Twice since official weather records began 118 years ago did Seattle hit 100, once in 1941 and again in 1994. Well that has been shattered as of late. Yesterday Seattle broke an all time high reading of 103 degrees. Out east where we live it hit 108 in Snoqualmie and 113 in North Bend. We have broken two overnight lows where we didn’t go below 70. That is just ridiculous heat!! Not only has it been hot, but it has also been incredibly humid which makes it even worse! This heat wave will last well over a week before finally breaking loose and hopefully bringing temperatures back down to a more livable range.

Now most of us Seattlites are not used to this kind of heat and do more than our fair share of whining about it, yours truly included in the whining process. Actually I add bitching, moaning, groaning, yelling, crying, sobbing…..well you get the picture. We also have reason to whine about excessive heat because most of us live in homes that do not have the luxury of air conditioning. Most of the year it is not needed. As a matter of fact, most of the transit buses, including the ones I drive, do not have air conditioning either. I was driving yesterday with an interior temperature of 110. This makes getting any sort of relief from the heat almost impossible. Debbie and I ended up going to a hotel where I sit in wonderful cool posting this! Now what really annoys me are the folks living in scorching climates telling us we don’t know what hot is until we live where they do. I recently saw a post somewhere of a guy who lived in Phoenix listing the last 20 or so days of the highs there. All where in the triple digits and mostly above 110. He quipped at the end that the overnight low was 92 so we should just enjoy our weather and mug up! I wonder if he lives through that heat without air conditioning. I doubt it. I am sure he posted his spew sitting in an air conditioned office, then he drives home in an air conditioned car and lives in a wonderfully cooled home. Let’s see how he man’s up if he turns it all off, opens a window, and sits around fans blowing all his hot air around him! Wonder how long he would last! Well that’s how most of us Western Washingtonians do it!! Who are the real pussies out there? I guess the ones who are sitting in an air conditioned room blogging about it! Heh heh heh!!


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